In the wild, felines primarily hunt at night. That’s why your cat gets a burst of energy right when you’re ready for bed.

A few minutes of interactive play at night will keep your cat satisfied and help expel some of that frantic energy.

Stimulate all natural play needs
Developed for feline play behavior

Cats are innately curious, and play is a great way to let them exercise their natural instincts to hunt and explore. Filling your cat’s environment with toys that stimulate all their natural play needs helps keep them healthy, active and engaged.

The Perfect Play Environment Includes:

Toys for the hunt. Nature’s perfect predators, cats have innate hunting skills. Toys that stimulate this instinct allow cats to connect to their natural role as predators, creating a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Swat and chase toys. Cats are naturally driven to use their paws to attack, defend and manipulate objects. Swat and chase toys allow cats to build coordination while they play.

Interactive toys. Playing with your pet not only helps create a strong bond—it also makes playtime more exciting for your cat.

Hartz® toys are developed with a deep understanding of feline play behavior to help your cat get the most out of playtime.